@awidercircleHonored to have legendary Washington newsman Gordon Peterson as our emcee at this Saturday's Community Ball. RSVP: http://t.co/vtDdWsnk5j- 20 hours ago
@awidercircleWith help from the @norwoodschool 's costume drive, children like Treyvani are ready for a fun Halloween night! http://t.co/SwHOULdmHq- 1 day ago
@awidercircle@mlbeckbridge Thank you for helping our neighbors in need have safe homes!- 4 days ago
@awidercircleJust received 132 #Halloween costumes collected by 5th graders at @norwoodschool! #HowYouLeadYourLifeMatters http://t.co/LwwJTmgDsB- 4 days ago
@awidercircleThanks to @ANGAus and CEO @martyjdurbin for helping to build #themovementoendpoverty. Find out more at #thecommunityball.- 4 days ago

An all-out effort

A Wider Circle furnishes the homes of more than 4,000 families a year, equaling more than 15,000 children and adults every single year whose homes are transformed from empty spaces into beautifully furnished homes. We also provide comprehensive job preparedness support, including resume assistance, unlimited professional attire and accessories, and even a long-term job coach for every person who participates!

Connection – the ultimate solution

At A Wider Circle, we receive more than 500 calls a day now.  Calls come in from individuals and families living in intolerable conditions – right around the corner from abundant resources and support.  Whether those resources are beds and dressers or people who want to volunteer their time and talent, the answers are all around us.

It is a crisis, and we can solve it.

The number one reason people are in poverty is birth.  And the number one reason people get out of poverty is support. In other words, the answer is you.  Connect with A Wider Circle today to learn how you can help your neighbors in need to rise out of poverty.

Center for Community Service

9159 Brookville Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Drop-off Hours
Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 6:00pm
Sunday: 12:00 - 6:00pm



4808 Moorland Lane, Suite 802
Bethesda, MD 20814

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