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It’s about dignity

When someone has nothing

Some may think that if people have nothing, they should be happy to get anything that others want to give, regardless of the condition. At A Wider Circle, we do not work that way. In fact, we think of it in quite the opposite manner.

It’s about dignity

The very best

Children and adults who have been living for years – sometimes their whole lives – without such essential items as beds, dressers, tables, and chairs, deserve the very best that we can provide for them. As we seek to help our neighbors in need, we can do this best when we lead with one idea: dignity.

It’s about dignity

Look with the eyes of the recipient

 When you think of donating anything – furniture, clothing, dishes, sheets, etc. – look at them with the eyes of the recipient.

What will a mom who receives your donation think of herself and your respect for her? As we seek to help people rise out of poverty, let’s give them what they truly deserve –
the very best we have to offer.

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