Career Support

A Wider Circle’s Workforce Development program has re‑launched as Career Support.

This revitalized approach to serving job seekers provides holistic support, focusing on the whole person and partnering with them to translate their unique strengths, skills, and passions to work that generates energy and enough income to live comfortably in our region.

Using a strength-based and customized approach, Career Support clients can participate in a variety of professional development and career advancement activities, including professional workshops, career counseling, and coaching. Job seekers can also engage with our Career Support network, made up of other job seekers, A Wider Circle staff, and volunteers, all working in partnership to explore work-life solutions that align with each individual’s values and strengths.

Strength-Based Workshops

A cornerstone of the Career Support program is our four-part interactive workshop series, Worklife Wednesdays. On the first through fourth Wednesday of each month, job seekers, staff, and volunteers meet virtually to collaborate and discuss how to use each individual’s strengths to strategize an approach to job searching, networking, interviewing, and becoming more empowered on the career journey.

Our Worklife Wednesdays workshop series is a great entry point for any job seeker interested in engaging with all that the Career Support program has to offer. All are welcome to join — learn more and sign up here.

Individual Career Counseling

Our Career Support staff work one-on-one with clients to explore strategies related to career exploration, career transition, and work-life balance, recognizing and honoring each job seeker’s individual interests, talents, and goals while providing a depth of support that complements workshops and other program offerings.

Specialized Workshops & Professional Networking

In addition to our core workshops, job seekers have the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical tools from volunteer subject matter experts. Workshop topics range from field-specific career insights to the inner work of building confidence, cultivating emotional intelligence, and processing stress and trauma. These workshops, along with professional networking opportunities, allow clients to meaningfully connect with fellow job seekers and people across our network to share information, expertise, and encouragement.


Our one-of-a-kind coaching pilot will connect job seekers with certified professional coaches for pro bono coaching sessions. Clients who choose to partake in the pilot will have the opportunity to meet with different coaches before selecting the coach who they feel is the right fit for their individual goals. Job seekers and their selected coaches then commit to six one-hour coaching sessions and have the option to renew for additional sessions after this term is complete.

To sign up for or learn more about these services, contact our Career Support team at 301-608-3504 or

Meet our Career Support team and learn more about the philosophy and principles behind our shift to this model.

Worklife Wednesdays

Career Development Workshop Series

Worklife Wednesdays is a four-part, interactive workshop series offered every 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesday of every month, focusing on using your unique strengths to strategize an approach to your job search, networking, interviewing, and becoming more empowered on the career journey.

These 90-minute workshops are designed to stimulate discussion and learn from career development professionals and expert volunteers from various professional backgrounds. The goal is to gain helpful tools and leave more confident and inspired to lead with your unique strengths.

In addition to the workshops, one-on-one career counseling and/or coaching is available, along with the opportunity to connect with our career services network, where you can meet other professionals across industries and work-life experiences.

Join us Wednesdays at 2:00 pm on Zoom!

First Wednesday

Strength-Based Job Search Strategy: Identifying work that blends your capacity and experience with what energizes you.

Second Wednesday

Strengths-Based Networking: Building networking skills and confidence that reflect your strengths and passion areas.

Third Wednesday

The Empowered Career Journey: The power of noticing and naming your emotions and tapping into your own voice and choice in the career journey.

Fourth Wednesday

Strength-Based Interviewing: How to showcase your strengths in action using the STAR Method of interviewing.

Our sessions are currently only delivered in English. However, we have slide presentations in Spanish that can be shared.

Questions about Worklife Wednesdays, or about our Career Support program? Contact our Career Support team at 301-608-3504 or