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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Officials from Maryland’s District 18 Announce A Wider Circle’s Participation In Maryland’s Groundbreaking Service Programs Silver Spring, MD — December 1, 2023 — Maryland’s District 18 State Senator Jeff Waldstreicher, along with District 18 Delegates Jared Solomon, Emily Shetty, and Aaron Kaufman are […]
Howdy, neighbor! Turkey Day has come and gone, which means the holiday season is officially underway! While there are plenty of great things to celebrate over the coming weeks, there are a few events we’re so excited about that we’re dedicating this entire edition of A […]
Howdy, neighbor! Fall is in full effect, and the start of the holiday season is just days away! While we have a short week ahead of us as our team takes some well-deserved time to relax for the holiday weekend, we’ve still got plenty to share […]
Hello, neighbors, we meet again! There’s never a shortage of news to share from around our community, so let’s get to this week’s stories! Coming up in this week’s A Wider Community, we’ll be looking at: So have a seat, kick up your feet, and read […]
From the White Collar Rat Race to Blue Collar Service By Maggie Fox Gary Friend is concentrating hard as he shaves a small piece of wood to fit into the foot of a wrought metal chair. “It just came in with this sign on it that […]
Welcome to another edition of A Wider Community! October at A Wider Circle has continued to stay busy, and we’ve got some fantastic highlights to share with you, including: Congratulations, Graduates! On October 14, we gathered with the 15 participants in the first cohort of our […]
There’s a chill in the air and there’s news to share, so welcome back, neighbors, to another edition of A Wider Community! We’ve had quite a busy October so far by starting the month off with our second annual Neighbor to Neighbor Night, but it wasn’t the only […]
Hey neighbor, how was your day? Hopefully, your week is off to a smooth start. But if you’re looking for a way to unwind after a hectic Monday or you’re just curious how things are going in our neck of the woods, we’ve got your latest […]
Falling into your feed just in time to start your week and kick off the new season, it’s the latest edition of A Wider Community! This week, we’ve got a double stuffed edition to catch you up on some of the awesome work that’s been happening […]
Despite the disappointment of last week’s false fall coming to a quick end and ushering in another heat wave, we’re still burning with the desire to do great work here are A Wider Circle! This week we’ve got another two-tale edition of A Wider Community for […]
Have you felt a crisp chill in the nighttime air? Maybe you caught the scent of a backyard bonfire from down the street? A season of change is slowly approaching, and this week for A Wider Community, we’ve got two great stories about how A Wider […]
A WIder Community: A Weekly Roundup from AWC!
Howdy, neighbor! Pull up a chair, settle in, and we’ll share some news from around our circle in this week’s edition of  A Wider Community! This week, we’re covering: Let’s get rolling! Young Leaders Learn How They Can Make a Difference! As mentioned in our last […]
A Wider Community: A Weekly Roundup from AWC!
Welcome to another edition of A Wider Community, A Wider Circle’s ongoing blog exploring the goings-on in and around our circle! This week, we’re covering: Let’s get rolling! 2023: A year for advocacy, awareness, and getting to know our government! Recently, A Wider Circle President & […]
A Wider Community: A Weekly Roundup from AWC!
Welcome to week three of A Wider Community, A Wider Circle's ongoing blog exploring the goings-on in and around our circle!
In just the past two weeks, we've been fortunate to be featured in three different programs showcasing our work. Check them out below!
Welcome back to A Wider Community, A Wider Circle’s ongoing blog exploring the goings-on in and around our circle! This week, we’re diving into: Let’s get rolling! Johns Hopkins hops in to help bolster the inventory of A Wider Circle! In the past few years, A […]
This week, we're diving into: How we're coping with a summer of scarcity through the power of partnership A new support group launching at our Ward 8 Hub Insightful discussions between the staff and interns of AWC A retrospective on our recently developed needs assessment tool, which has reduced wait times in our Essential Support program by seven months! And more!
Last week, I walked into A Wider Circle’s Silver Spring Center for a meeting. It was noon on a typical day, with neighbors waiting patiently in our lobby to select and take home items they needed. As I entered our furniture showroom, I was disheartened by […]
Neighbor to Neighbor Day was one week ago today.  It was a bright sunny day, and from early in the morning, our space and staff were buzzing with energy and purpose.  At the end of the day we were asked — was it a success?  For me....
Matthew Desmond, sociologist and author of the books “Evicted” and “Poverty, By America” recently wrote a New York Times article on the persistence....

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