A Wider Circle: Earth Day 2024

Did you know that in addition to being a social service organization, A Wider Circle also works to build a sustainable future for our region and planet?

Here are 5 ways we worked to protect our climate in 2023:

3 Million pounds of donated furniture, home goods, and clothing diverted from landfills in 2023

In 2023, with help from donors and partners in our community, A Wider Circle diverted a total of 3 million pounds of furniture, home goods, baby items, and clothing from landfills.

By redistributing and recycling these items, we reduced our community’s carbon footprint, preventing 4,440 metric tons of carbon dioxide — or the annual emissions from 1,057 gasoline-powered cars — from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to planting 73,416 trees!

71,577 pieces of furniture and household items

The items we diverted from landfills in 2023 included 71,577 pieces of furniture and household items. It would take at least 105 garbage trucks to hold all of these donated items.

Many of these were redistributed to local families in need via our Essential Support program, while items we couldn’t pass along through our programming were shared with partner organizations across the region who could put them to good use.

107,500 pounds of clothing

The 3 million pounds of items diverted from landfills last year included 107,500 pounds of clothing and textiles. By keeping all of this clothing from the landfill, we prevented 1.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions — equal to the emissions from charging 80.5 million smartphones!

20,365 pieces of hotel and dorm room furniture

Included in the donated furniture we received last year were 20,365 pieces of hotel and dorm room furniture. Very few organizations across the country are able to take in this quantity of donated furniture, but our ability to accept these donations in bulk saved these items from the landfill. The emissions saved are equivalent to burning just over 1 million pounds — or 5 railcars’ worth — of coal.

3,334 mattresses recycled

In addition to redistributing 3,470 dignity-condition mattresses to families in need in 2023, our partners at TurboHaul helped us fully recycle 3,334 mattresses that failed to meet our dignity standard due to stains or damage.

We have benefitted from this partnership for the past 3.5 years — before that, soiled mattresses were transported to the transfer station, with a final destination of the landfill.

None of these sustainable practices would be possible without support from neighbors like you. Thank you for helping us reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Happy Earth Day!

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