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By Theo Blair

Howdy, neighbor! Pull up a chair, settle in, and we’ll share some news from around our circle in this week’s edition of  A Wider Community!

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Young Leaders Learn How They Can Make a Difference!

As mentioned in our last edition, 2023 has been a big year for A Wider Circle’s efforts to become a voice for change. Part of that effort includes empowering the next generation of leaders to speak up against injustices they see and experience in the world around them. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to celebrate the youth who have graduated as the inaugural cohort from A Wider Circle’s Youth Social Justice Leader Program!

The young leaders of Ward 8 who joined us for this program!

Last week, these young leaders took part in a four-hour class that included:

  • Community organizing training
  • Analysis of community strengths and needs
  • Pathways and connections to creating change
  • Reflection on identity and liberation
  • Connecting to local activists

Young leaders listen to local activists as they share stories

A Wider Circle’s connection with these youth will not stop here. We aim to provide ongoing support in the months and years to come, by providing connections to activist mentors, education opportunities that dig deeper into what they learned, and pathways to work in coalitions organized around the poverty issues they are most passionate about. We look forward to watching them develop as change-makers!

If you want to learn more about this program, the progress of this cohort, or how YOU can join our advocacy efforts, reach out at advocacy@awidercircle.org!

Caring for Community: A Conversation About Medicaid

This week, Director of A Wider Circle’s Ward 8 Hub, YaVonne Boyd, was on WHUR 96.3’s long-running, prestigious news and talk show, The Daily Drum! YaVonne joined host Harold Fisher and President of Amerigroup DC, Adrian Jordan, for a discussion about Medicaid: what it is, who is qualified, and how organizations like Amerigroup DC and the team at the Ward 8 Hub can help individuals in DC ensure they are receiving the benefits they need.

The discussion highlighted not just local but national issues, including the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, what benefits cover, how to use them, and how to make sure that folks know how to renew their benefits when needed.

During the discussion, YaVonne shared how the team at the Ward 8 Hub will sit down with our neighbors to help them understand their coverage and walk them through the steps of ensuring they keep their benefits.

The full conversation has answers to questions that many of us have about our healthcare system, the real issues neighbors in our community are facing, and more. Listen to the recording here, and if you live in DC and would like help navigating the hectic world of healthcare, consider stopping by our Ward 8 Hub!

Ren-Faire Beware, The HR Source is Bringing Back Victorian Vibes with A Bridgerton Affair!

Fall is fast approaching, and while the Maryland Renaissance Festival is starting its end-of-summer season, our esteemed associates at The HR Source have a different era in mind for celebrating the changing seasons!

A Bridgerton Affair Charity Ball will take place on September 16, 2023, at the Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville, MD, and will benefit A Wider Circle and the University of Maryland Capital Region Health Foundation. The HR Source cordially invites you to an exquisite evening of only the finest wines, gourmet meals provided by local culinary artist Chef Katrell, and enchanting entertainment!

Johnathan Bailey as Lord Anthony Bridgerton in Netflix Series, Bridgerton

It is advised that the noble folk of the honorable District, Maryland, Virginia region adorn their most resplendent Regency and Victorian Era attire, as the Queen will be selecting two Diamonds of the Ball!

Not sure what to wear? Fret not! Lady Whistlesource has embarked on a mission to uncover the most esteemed destinations to purchase such sartorial endeavors. If you wish to begin your quest in the online markets, we humbly suggest starting your search at the illustrious After Five or Amazon, where an array of frocks for men and ladies awaits. For those seeking authenticity and elegance, Recollections beckons with its captivating collection of Regency and Victorian styles. And fear not, dear readers, for Walmart graciously offers a selection of men’s and women’s finery to suit various tastes and budgets.

For those seeking to procure the services of local vendors, you may wish to seek the services of Bespoke Not Broke or Mercedes Bien Vintage, and for those of discerning tastes, the master crafters at Signature Dresses in DC may provide elegant evening wear that will be the envy of all!

Hasten to these esteemed establishments and procure your attire, for the ballroom of A Bridgerton Affair awaits! Procure your tickets to attend this adventurous affair today!

Rounding out the Circle

Upcoming events in the community:

Ways to get involved:

There are plenty of ways you can support the work of A Wider Circle right now!

Staff Recommendations:

This Week, Senior Coordinator of our Essential Support program, Maria Flores shares this still from a Tik Tok.

“It reminds me of the work that the Inventory team does on a daily basis — although, our loads never look as chaotic as the one pictured! I know I can count on our team to make the impossible possible to ensure that clients are able to take items that’ll make their house feel more like a home.”

Still taken from TikTok uploaded by user @jasondagod.1

Furniture Finds:

Modern yet suggesting a somewhat woodsy feel, these elegant dining room chairs would fit right in at a chic downtown apartment!

That’s all for this week’s edition of A Wider Community. Be sure to check back in next week for more news from around our circle!

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