A Wider Community

Despite the disappointment of last week’s false fall coming to a quick end and ushering in another heat wave, we’re still burning with the desire to do great work here are A Wider Circle! This week we’ve got another two-tale edition of A Wider Community for […]
Have you felt a crisp chill in the nighttime air? Maybe you caught the scent of a backyard bonfire from down the street? A season of change is slowly approaching, and this week for A Wider Community, we’ve got two great stories about how A Wider […]
A WIder Community: A Weekly Roundup from AWC!
Howdy, neighbor! Pull up a chair, settle in, and we’ll share some news from around our circle in this week’s edition of  A Wider Community! This week, we’re covering: Let’s get rolling! Young Leaders Learn How They Can Make a Difference! As mentioned in our last […]

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