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Invest in the Future of A Wider Circle

For 15 years, we have served with determination and always by saying “yes.” As a result, we have changed many, many lives. The work here has brought critical support to more than 200,000 children and adults in need. But do you know what it has not brought? It has not brought a significant decrease in the number of children and adults in this region – or this country – who live each day in poverty. To create that change is why we were founded, and to that change we remain committed. That is why we are expanding our Center for Community Service, and why we have developed a new strategic approach that we believe will lead to greater outcomes in this work. 

Our Strategic Approach

The four main programs of A Wider Circle have been designed to work in concert to help those we serve reach a place of stability – with their basic needs met – and then a place of independence, for it is independence that best characterizes the rise out of poverty. These programs set A Wider Circle’s course for the future, where we will collaborate with other service providers and with partners across all sectors of society (e.g., corporate, government, philanthropic) to advance real and lasting change. That is the future of our work, and the key to it is you.


Provision of Basic Need Items

A Wider Circle provides beds, dressers, and other basic need items – free of charge – to individuals and families living in need. The average income of those who come for this service is $12,000 per year, and the average family size is four. Since its inception, A Wider Circle has furnished the homes of more than 100,000 children and adults.

Workforce Developmentstrat1

A holistic, intensive, and highly personalized approach for preparing adults to enter or re-enter the workforce and advance in their careers. More than 50% of our “Boot Camp” participants are currently employed!

Wraparound Support

Individuals or families in poverty are matched with four families (each) that commit to providing support for a minimum of two years. These families form a team and work together to set and pursue goals related to employment, education, financial management, health & wellness, and housing stability.

Neighborhood Partnershipsstrat2

A comprehensive model of support within low-income neighborhoods where partners from corporate, philanthropic, government, nonprofit, and other sectors work together to create safe and vibrant neighborhoods, networks of long-term support, educational and professional development, and housing support services.



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Building the Future of A Wider Circle

While we have owned the entire building that houses our Center for Community Service and Professional Development Center for more than a year now, we will become the sole occupants in January 2017. We will then knock down almost every interior wall and make everything twice as big, allowing us to help twice as many individuals and families rise out of poverty. For all this growth and change, we need your support. Your investment in the future of A Wider Circle will allow us to dramatically increase the reach of our programs. Check out the drawings below to see how!

before and after outside

Pictured left is the current exterior of A Wider Circle. Pictured right, the future exterior!



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