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How We Help

A Wider Circle’s efforts focus on the provision of basic need items, workforce development, wraparound support, and neighborhood revitalization. These four components work in concert to create lasting change in the lives of those we serve. A Wider Circle says no to nobody! Anyone in need of help can find it here. In addition to all of the individuals and families that call us, more than 500 government, social service, and nonprofit agencies regularly contact us for help in serving their clients.

All of A Wider Circle’s services are provided free of charge. If you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact us today.



The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program, A Wider Circle’s largest program, provides beds, dressers, tables, chairs, dishes, pots, pans, and other large and small home goods to families transitioning out of shelters, escaping domestic violence, or otherwise living without their basic need items.

Individuals and families call on their own or are referred to A Wider Circle by more than 300 government or nonprofit social service agencies, large and small. After speaking to our staff and scheduling an appointment to visit our Center for Community Service, people have the opportunity to select the items they need, free of charge. Each year, A Wider Circle furnishes the homes of more than 4,000 families, helping to create the stability and dignity that everyone deserves.

Workforce Development

At A Wider Circle, we know that one cannot get out of poverty without a job. Approximately six times a year, we have an intensive program that includes resume writing, interview skills, career path identification, and job advancement, among other topics. Job coaches are provided to every participant. Access to computers for resume writing and job searching is also provided. Finally, A Wider Circle’s Professional Development Center – through which we serve more than 2,000 individuals each year – has a showroom of professional attire and accessories that is… better than Bloomingdale’s and nicer than Nordstrom.

Anyone in need of professional attire and accessories is welcome, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in our classes. People are encouraged to choose a professional wardrobe for an entire work week at no cost to the client.  

Click here to learn more about our Workforce Development Program.

For additional information on our Workforce Development program, please email us at

To set up an appointment to receive professional attire and accessories, please contact Jessi Courier at

Wraparound Support Program

At A Wider Circle, we know that the number one reason people are in poverty is birth. The number one reason people rise out of poverty is support—and that’s where you come in.

We are seeking volunteers to provide long-term, wraparound support to those seeking to rise out of poverty. Each volunteer will work as part of a group of four to provide support to one individual or family. Partners will engage in problem-solving, identify helpful resources and trainings, and address barriers to independence. No expertise is needed—only humanity and compassion.

For more information, click here.

Neighborhood Partnerships

A Wider Circle’s Neighborhood Partnerships Program works to end poverty from directly within low-income neighborhoods. The program utilizes a collaborative model that focuses on: 1.) the creation of safe and vibrant neighborhoods; 2.) the provision of education and workforce readiness programs; 3.) the development of long-term support networks, and; 4.) the assurance of quality housing and basic need items for all. While many programs address each of these issues in isolation, the Neighborhood Partnerships Program looks at the needs of individuals and collective needs of the community – and addresses them under one umbrella. All programs and services are delivered in the community.

A Wider Circle at Highland Dwellings and Additions

On December 14, 2016 A Wider Circle began serving in Highland Dwellings and Additions, a neighborhood in Southeast D.C. that has long held high rates of poverty and violence.  The program there engages every sector in the solution to these conditions, with a goal of ensuring that every community member can see a path out of poverty.  Through this program, residents work side by side with nonprofit, government, and for-profit partners to transform the community – from the ground up.


Restorative Health

The goal of A Wider Circle’s Restorative Health Program is to help the people we serve to remediate past and current trauma and build psychological resilience and health. Each one of our four client-based programs can connect with consultative mental health services and health and mental health resources through Restorative Health.  In our Neighborhood Partnership sites, we bring classes, health and mental health consultations and individual and group therapy to heal and strengthen our residents. We are also building partnerships with other health providers in the neighborhoods to provide a strong network working together to serve. For more info, visit our webpage.

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