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The mission of A Wider Circle is simple: to help one individual and one family after another to rise out of poverty. We work in partnership with those we serve and with those seeking to help to ensure that every child and adult has the chance to succeed and the opportunity to live well.

The demand for our services is greater than ever, and so is our resolve to do whatever it takes to help our neighbors rise out of poverty. That is why we are hiring for several new positions – and adding additional people to departments where we have traditionally had only one or two people.

Think of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. Dedicated, selfless, adaptable, and mission-focused individuals who were out to change what needed to be changed. These are the types of people we seek to hire here. A Wider Circle receives more than 500 telephone calls per day, many from people in dire need of help; others from people who want to engage at some level in the solution. Our team grows significantly each year in response to these needs and the calls for support.

Those we serve need one thing: a commitment to creating the type of change that will give all children a chance to succeed and all adults the opportunity to live well.

Part-time opportunities for many are also available.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to These positions were last updated on August 1, 2017.

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