The Essentials

As a complement to our furniture distribution program - and in response to growing requests for support from those we serve - we are collecting The Essentials:

non-perishable food

· Whole grain pasta
 ·Pasta sauce
· Brown rice
· Low-sodium canned beans
· Dried beans and lentils

· Low-sodium vegetable soup
· Low-sugar oatmeal
· Low-sodium canned vegetables

Personal care items

· Soap
· Toothpaste and toothbrushes
· Wet wipes
· Toilet paper

· Deodorant
· Lotion
· Shampoo
· Tissues

cleaning supplies

· Dish soap
· Sponges
· Toilet cleaner and brushes

· Laundry detergent
· Cleaning sprays
· Mops and Brooms

In order for us to provide the most dignified service to our neighbors, please donate these items in new (and unopened) condition. Thank you for helping us serve.

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