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Neighborhood Partnerships Model

Across this country, decade after decade, we have been inching toward solutions, helping a small number of people to find their way out of poverty.


The Neighborhood Partnerships Model will change that, utilizing collaborations across the above sectors of society to help whole neighborhoods rise out of poverty. This work will focus on creating the foundation necessary for every member in the community to prosper: the creation of safe and vibrant neighborhoods, the provision of education and professional development programs, the development of long-term support for individuals, and the assurance of quality housing for all.

Safe & Vibrant Neighborhoods:

  • Community Safety                  Collaborations
  • Transportation Access
  • Health and Wellness               Services

Education & Professional Development:

  • Well-Resourced Schools
  • Workforce Entry &                 Advancement Training
  • Comprehensive Youth           Programming
  • Dedicated Employer Pool

Long-term Support:

  • Individual Wraparound            Partnerships
  • Sister Organizations
  • Comprehensive Resource        Networks


Quality Housing:

  • Transformation of                    Underutilized Space
  • Provision of Basic Need          Items
  • Community-Based Support      Services



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In May 2015, we launched our first Neighborhood Partnership Program in Southeast Washington, DC.

“Out of 13 years I’ve lived here nobody has ever done anything like what you all are doing here.” – Andrea

“I think about A Wider Circle every day as I get dressed for work, because I wouldn’t have this wardrobe without you. One of the volunteers gave me the scarf she was wearing because it just made my outfit. It made me cry.” – Jennifer

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