Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program

The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program, A Wider Circle's largest program, provides furniture and other home items to families moving out of shelters or otherwise living without their basic need items. Families are referred to us by more than 300 social service agencies throughout Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. After speaking to our staff and scheduling an appointment to visit our storage facility, each family has the opportunity to select the items they need, free of charge. The most commonly requested items are beds, dressers, and kitchen tables, truly the basic necessities for the home. By providing these items to families in need, A Wider Circle is helping to create the stability and independence that all families deserve.

loading furniture

Additional aspects of this program include:

  • Maintenance of a storage facility where all donations are stored and families come to pick out items
  • Emergency response for victims of fires or crime, and for new mothers unable to bring children home due to insufficient resources
  • Wellness baskets for furniture recipients including healthy snacks and information such as healthy eating, relaxation techniques, creativity exercises, and better sleep tips