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A Wider Circle at Highland Dwellings and Additions

About Highland Dwellings and Additions

Highland Dwellings and Additions is a neighborhood in Southeast Washington D.C. where 100% of the residents live in poverty.  The average annual income for a family is just over $12,000.  A Wider Circle’s program focuses on providing essential services and building support in and for the community. We utilize a broad network of partners in building a program with the interests of the residents as our first and constant focus.

At A Wider Circle, we see every day the obstacles to accessing resources and opportunities that people in poverty face. We know that no single organization can do it all, and that is why this mega-collaboration is our best bet. We are utilizing outside researchers to measure the impact of our work at Highland Dwellings and Additions, and we will then look to do similar work in other neighborhoods. We believe this will be a replicable program – in urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods – using the strength and compassion in all of our communities to support substantive change.


A Wider Circle’s Neighborhood Partnerships Model

A Wider Circle’s Neighborhood Partnerships Program works to end poverty from directly within low-income neighborhoods. The program utilizes a collaborative model that focuses on: 1.) the creation of safe and vibrant neighborhoods; 2.) the provision of education and workforce readiness programs; 3.) the development of long-term support networks, and; 4.) the assurance of quality housing and basic need items for all. While many programs address each of these issues in isolation, the Neighborhood Partnerships Program looks at the needs of individuals and collective needs of the community – and addresses them under one umbrella. All programs and services are delivered in the community.

Here is a snapshot of the model we are bringing into Highland Dwellings and Additions:




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If you are interested in learning more about our work in Highland Dwellings and Additions and how you can get involved, email or call us at 240-778-4483. We would be happy to speak with you – or with a group of your friends, neighbors, or co-workers – about this new program.

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