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Get Involved

Look no further - and wait no longer - the answer to poverty truly is you. When you bring urgency and commitment to the plight of your neighbors, you help create stability, dignity, and independence in their lives. Poverty is the responsibility of us all; please volunteer or donate (stuff or funds) today!

June 2017 | 10: The Night of A Thousand “Dinner Parties”

On the evening of Saturday, June 10, host a dinner party in support of A Wider Circle! Enjoy the company of friends and family, and at 8:00 p.m., you can join a live stream presentation from A Wider Circle. Every dollar raised will be doubled!

October 2017 | 11: The Community Ball

Join our supporters, clients, local and national leaders, and community members from across the region as we celebrate A Wider Circle’s service and commit to working together to end poverty.  Click here to learn more.

Get Involved CTA