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The mission of A Wider Circle is simple: to help one individual and one family after another to rise out of poverty. We work in partnership with those we serve and with those seeking to help to ensure that every child and adult has the chance to succeed and the opportunity to live well.

Rashad M.

Rashad Murray

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program Assistant

“As someone who understands the stresses of going without basic...

Amy Javaid

Amy S. Javaid

Workforce Development Coordinator

“Rising up is best done together. A Wider Circle’s collaborations...

jessi courier

Jessi Courier

Workforce Development Coordinator

“I’m thrilled to be a part of an organization that...

Ellen Barr website photo

Ellen Barr, MSW

Volunteer Coordinator

“I am a strong believer in community, and I am...

Nora Smolonsky website image

Nora Smolonsky

Administrative Associate

“I was drawn to A Wider Circle because of their...

Imani Harmon

Imani Harmon

Volunteer Coordinator

“We must bridge the gap between communities. Connecting those who...

Jaclyn Rales website

Jaclyn Rales

Client Relations Coordinator

“I don’t view what I do each day at A...

Alseta Gholston website

Alseta Gholston

Workforce Development Program Coordinator

“What drew me to want to work for A Wider...

Merrill Mullaney website

Merrill Mullaney

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program Associate

“The time is always right to do what is right.”...

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