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The mission of A Wider Circle is simple: to help one individual and one family after another to rise out of poverty. We work in partnership with those we serve and with those seeking to help to ensure that every child and adult has the chance to succeed and the opportunity to live well.

Andrew Website

Andrew Wyka

Director, Research

“Working at A Wider Circle has been one of the best...

Kyle Website

Kyle Le

Director, Special Projects

“I have always been searching for what I wanted to...

Erin Website

Erin Anderson

Director, Grants and Contracts

“I was drawn to A Wider Circle because of their...

Beth for site

Beth Makal

Senior Management Associate

“I believe that ending poverty is the key to solving...

Jordan Dewese

Jordan Dewese

Director of In-Kind Donations

“I have always wanted to be an agent of change...


Clay Oboth

Director, Neighbor to Neighbor

“The satisfaction of going in to work every morning knowing...

Kaitlynn Website

Kaitlynn O’Leary

Director, Operations

“I am excited to join such a vibrant team with...

Donna Javellana Banzon website

Donna Javellana Banzon

Director, Neighborhood Partnerships Program

“Human connection, compassion, and love. If we truly want to...


Chanel Giles

Administrative Assistant

Chanel has been a rock star for A Wider Circle...

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