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The mission of A Wider Circle is simple: to help one individual and one family after another to rise out of poverty. We work in partnership with those we serve and with those seeking to help to ensure that every child and adult has the chance to succeed and the opportunity to live well.

08/25/15 | Moving Company Pitches In To Help Nonprofit

Montgomery Community Media

08/13/15 | Ask and You Shall Receive: Maryland Nonprofit Sets Up Shop in D.C. Public Housing Community

Street Sense

06/26/15 | Philanthropist Don Brown tells of his discovery of a remarkable man who has made a real difference in the fight against poverty

Washington Life

04/08/15 | Silver Spring organization hosts poverty conference

Maryland Gazette

03/18/15 | The 1,000 Bed Challenge Pairs Home Buying With Good Cause

Georgetown Patch

02/05/15 | The stuff paradox: Dealing with clutter in the US

BBC News

01/27/15 | Potomac students learn to care about poverty at A Wider Circle

Maryland Gazette

01/26/15 | Wydler Brothers Teams Up with A Wider Circle

Arlington Magazine

01/23/15 | Wydler Brothers Launch 1,000-Bed Campaign in Partnership with Silver Spring Nonprofit

Bethesda Magazine

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