What will the new year be?

For the people we serve at A Wider Circle – children and families living in poverty today – New Year’s Eve, is not much different than the day before. I know that a few will be locked up today and that many will look outside at neighborhoods and futures that will make the words “Happy New Year” ring hollow. You can change that.

I am an eternal optimist; I believe that is the only way forward. The people we serve need for all of us to be optimists, and for all of us to believe we can create something different tomorrow than what they see today. That is why we are here, but A Wider Circle cannot furnish one home without you. We cannot help one person get a job without you. We cannot help one person rise out of poverty without you.

With you, however, there is no limit as to what can happen in the coming year. I promise that we can find a good way for you to make a big difference in the coming year – whether you have time, stuff, or money to give.

When I say “Happy New Year” to friends and family tonight, I will be thinking every single time about how we can make it a happy new year for the children who live each day in need of one thing: you.

I am grateful to do what I do each day – and to do it with so many of you. I hope to work with many, many more of you in the coming year. Let’s do that – let’s commit to working together in 2016, starting in early January!


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