What if we did what we believed was right?

What if we acted on the notion that the people who had the least amount of money and the least amount of influence were now going to be treated the very best?  Because these individuals never seem to get the best in life, not once since the day they were born.

What if every time we thought about building a new residential complex to improve the revenue stream or aesthetics of a neighborhood or city, we did so without ever displacing people in poverty?  What if, instead, we looked at the plans for a beautiful residential building and built it FOR those in poverty? Because if we did that, we would be treating people who have had the worst of it as if they deserve the best of it.

Wouldn’t that be cool?  Wouldn’t that be consistent with the spiritual or religious teachings in which we say we believe?

What if we lived with our every action the ideas that we revere in our Sunday or Saturday gatherings?

Love your neighbor, don’t move him so you can make more money.  Educate him and watch him become a tax-paying member of your city.  Provide support and safety and watch good neighbors define our communities.

That’s a reality worth creating.

We are going to create something with the money we have – that is certain.  We are going to create many things, in fact.  What if we start creating things that feel completely right?

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