What does your ________ do?

What does your ___________________ do to end poverty?

Right now, while many of us are eating, reading, spending time on our computers, watching television, or shopping for food or clothing, hundreds of thousands of our neighbors are living in desperation.   They are hungry – all the time.   They have no money – almost every day.  Their heat or air conditioning does not work, so in the winter they are always cold and in the summer the heat can be deadly.

A world with no poverty is not just an idea – it is the only acceptable reality.  And it has to start here.  With you.

There is plenty of food around here – and certainly there are enough beds and dressers – so that people do not have to live in such desperation, with such fear about tomorrow.

So, what does your book club do?  How about your PTA?  Or your business?  What does your recreation league soccer team do?  What more can your church or synagogue do – or the men’s club, women’s club, Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lion’s Club?

Do you have any time to do a “drive” for toilet paper, tissues, toothpaste, or soap?  Because hundreds of thousands of our neighbors need these things.  Many tell me they live in desperate need of toilet paper.  That is not acceptable, not when it would be so easy to make sure this is not the case.  And kids leave some of our lower-income schools every Friday and do not have another meal until they return to school on Monday.  Sound impossible?  Just go ask them.  Or visit them and see their empty cupboards and refrigerators.

The good news?  You can change all of this.  You, your family, your team, your school…

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