What an unconditional commitment to service creates

“I feel like a million dollars. The TV is so beautiful. I have never had one so beautiful. The bed is so firm. You all are amazing. I don’t know what to say. I am sitting here and I don’t know what to say to you.”

Michael has had a tough year. He called A Wider Circle a month ago to inquire about getting help. He has been in and out of the hospital since, his health in tough shape. He has no money to address not only his health challenges but the basic need items without which his quality of life has been falling dramatically over the past few years. His spirit, however, thanks to two of our team members, Edwin and Andrew, is in much better shape.

Today, though Michael lives in northeast DC, about 40 minutes away, Edwin and Andrew said it would be no problem at all to finish their Sunday load and then come back and pick up items to deliver to Michael, who could just not find a way to come here to get items.

This dedication to others is what makes the team here so special. If you have not supported the effort – or if you are local and have not come to visit A Wider Circle, I hope you can find the time to do so. The movement to end poverty is one that requires significant commitment to our fellow human beings. The team here has that commitment; they go hard every day, with beautiful spirit and compassion.

As a side note, seven-year-old Alejandra, came to A Wider Circle today with her mother to select holiday gifts. As she was selecting her gifts, she turned to our Management Associate, Erin, and said, “This is the best Christmas ever.” Her mother was crying.

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