Time for us all to be warriors – in memory and in honor of R. Sargent Shriver

In 1994, President Clinton called Sargent Shriver the strongest warrior he had ever seen in the effort to end poverty. Indeed, Mr. Shriver’s life was characterized by his work to create effective programs to help those mired in the poverty he saw around the world. Mr. Shriver’s travels paved the way for millions of us to make contributions to the end of poverty for children and adults worldwide. Yet, here in our backyard, hundreds of thousands of people live daily in conditions that I doubt most of us would allow our mothers or children to endure. We let them reside in homes that are barely livable (most who come to us have no beds, no dressers – nothing but a chair and television). We let them remain under-educated and under-prepared to live the life most of us get simply by being born into different conditions.

Every day, children are lost to poverty right around the corner from where Mr. Shriver created programs to keep that from happening. Ending poverty for the families stuck in it is not difficult; it is simply a matter of priority. Let us honor his life by more actively serving others to make sure this happens.

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