The leader is you

Martin Luther King, Jr. would not care if you are white, black, brown, or yellow. Gandhi would not care if you were blue, green, or pink. Susan B. Anthony would not care if you were a woman, man, boy, girl, both, or neither.

I read an article the other day that related how people were looking for the new leader in rallying the cause for poverty, civil rights, and the like.

The leaders of the past would surely agree that this next leader is you.

At A Wider Circle, we see all the time what happens when individuals commit to their fellow human beings. Every time an enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer comes aboard or we hire someone who takes ownership and commits to serving without compromise, the work jumps significantly forward. We serve more people and we get to move on new programs that help people who are in real danger, who suffer every day – real suffering, the kind that leaves people without limbs because of diabetes or without their youth because they get raped or abused. The people who live in poverty cannot afford to wait for a “new leader” to emerge. And they do not care who takes what mantle in leading or being a spokesperson. They need you, and to be honest, at a deep level, you need for it to be you.

Ending poverty is not about eloquence, and it is not about who has what degree or pedigree. It is about desire and a commitment to serve. That is what people in poverty need from us, from you. They need you to look in the mirror and see the person who is going to create the change they need.

I do not know anyone who thinks it is okay that one shooting after another occurs, taking the lives of one impoverished person after another. Nobody I know reads the paper or hears these stories and says, “This is fine.” So if our thoughts on this are to matter at all, if we are going to see the end of poverty, it will be because you decided to lead.

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