The journey into your boss’s home

This morning, thousands of mothers in our community did not have enough food for their kids. Some kids will not eat today – at all. They will all be hungry, as families continue to live in a region with so much, yet they can not eat a meal and many will live the last two weeks of the month with no money at all. Zero dollars is how much they have for their various expenses, health, medical , food, clothing, whatever it is on which we spend money. They will do none of that.

I thought of these moms and families as I ate my breakfast this morning – as cliche as it sounds. They are the people for whom I work. They are all of our bosses, and the urgency of children living in empty homes has to be front and center – more than it has been. One quick thing we can do is get more items for our pantry – please spread the word. There are a few Wider Circle drives being held this month… let’s get more!

We do a good job in the service field (and as a society) when the people referred to above experience change in their lives. And we have had some good success at A Wider Circle. We fail when lives are not changed, and when more people fall into poverty than the year prior. We have failed a lot. And we can not be afraid to fail, for the adage is true: Fall down eight times, stand up nine.

Sometimes, people do not commit to something for fear of what it will take to truly succeed – it is usually more than folks can see themselves giving. We have to blow right past that, and I look forward to the coming week when we can create new solutions, refine current processes, and bring more people into the solution.

If you are not connected to this work, please connect! Our boss needs you.

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