“The Importance of Helping Others”

Our highest value – one that led to A Wider Circle’s founding and drives us to serve with dignity and respect – is love. More specifically, it is altruistic love, living in connection with and support of one another. A Wider Circle began serving 15 years ago with the belief that poverty endures because we live disconnected from one another, separate and seemingly unable to see our oneness.

Quick story about love: an individual who participates in our workforce development program and currently works in a bread factory came in for help yesterday. He showed one of our team members the many loaves of bread in the trunk of his car and said that whenever someone cancels an order, the supervisor gives the employees the excess bread. This gentleman then gives out the bread to people in need. He said, “I learned that from you, the importance of helping others.”

Ours is a country where equal rights and equal opportunities, fairness and compassion, must be front and center – always. We can never let anyone be left out or marginalized. At A Wider Circle, we know that there is nothing loving about letting people live in the conditions of poverty, conditions that most have known since birth. Their opportunities are scarce, but together we can change that.

Given its scope – with more than 40 million Americans living in poverty and more than 100 million Americans living below self-sufficiency levels in their respective communities – we are determined to provide greater opportunities for those we serve and greater opportunities for people of all ages to engage in this effort.

We are each powerful beings, and our charge this season and in the new year is to use the power we have to right the wrong that is poverty. There is good work to be done, and we need you today and going forward. The past we cannot change; the future, we definitely can.

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