The emotions of poverty

Today a case manager from a local social service agency brought one of her clients to A Wider Circle to get her items. This happens every day, many times over, but her experience here seems worth the tell – the short version.

Near the end of the woman’s visit here, the case manager walked up to our Deputy Director and broke down because her client was being so difficult. The vehicle the agency had was a pick-up truck and the woman wanted the case manager to help her fit three times more stuff than would fit. The woman was yelling at the case manager about how she wanted to make two trips and how her list should have been bigger. The woman also yelled at our team, so the case manager could find empathy here. Perhaps most impressive in this, however, was how understanding everyone was, for this was a woman who had been homeless for many years and who came and saw all the great items she could get. Of course she would be emotional, and for the case manager and our whole team here to get that and have such patience and be so supportive of this woman’s journey was special.

Last to break down today was the woman, herself, who cried when finally realizing she could not fit everything she wanted for her new home. We will work ever-harder to to serve these friends of ours.

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