Stories from the front line of human service

Annie Driscoll is A Wider Circle’s Client Relations Coordinator. She talks to hundreds of families in need every single week – on the phone and in person. Her weekly reports always include stories of people who need support and, more importantly, the type of human connection she and her colleagues provide. Here are two such individuals:

“Karen came this week and gave everybody 10-minute hugs. She had been rescheduled a few times before and knew this was her last chance to come in. I squeezed her in and she made it. The first thing she said to me when she walked in was ‘you didn’t give up on me.’

“I think a lot of people give up on our clients in their day-to-day life, and to an extent I am sure they feel like society in general has given up on them (especially our clients who are in generational poverty). It just showed me how important it was to make sure we do our best to get our clients in here.

“Another amazing story from the week was James. He had been homeless for years and when he and I were talking, he told me how he lost his daughter 15 years ago from pneumonia and how ‘when she went, she took my heart with her.’ I have no doubt this tragic loss brought James to homelessness. I know that if more people could hear James’ story or even meet this kind man, hearts would open.”

Join Annie in her efforts to make sure Karen, James, and all who find themselves in need get the support that will allow them to lift themselves out of poverty.

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