Our Olympian Effort

If the Olympics were coming to Washington DC this summer, instead of London – as many in DC hoped they would when applying a few years back – we would house all the athletes, feed all the athletes, and ensure that every athlete was well-prepared to succeed. Why can’t we do that for our residents, for every child and adult living in poverty all around us?Our impoverished neighbors are often homeless throughout the year, starving almost daily, and grossly under-prepared for success.

The time to change that is now, for we know we can do it. Nobody doubts that we would find the funds to do whatever was necessary to show the world how great DC is by hosting a fantastic Olympics. If we were ready to do that – and to come together as necessary – why can’t we ┬ádo that to end poverty?

This summer at A Wider Circle, we will focus on Our Olympian Effort, a summer-long campaign where you all can help by hosting drives, using your extracurricular activities or hobbies to raise funds, coming to volunteer, and more. It will be a great summer of service, and we will post more detailed information soon on Our Olympian Effort.

A gold medal is a great accomplishment. A region (and nation) with no poverty is life-saving for us all.

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