Our connection to one another

David Bohm, a world-renowned 20th-century physicist and protege of Albert Einstein’s, once wrote that people do not depend on one another as much as they “are one another.”  That was one of his major conclusions following a lifetime of research and examination of the universe and its parts.  Bohm was well-versed in classical and quantum physics, and he drew his conclusion about the oneness of all beings from this deep knowledge of the sciences.

Larry Dossey, one of the premiere physicians and thinkers I have come across in my research, commented similarly when summarizing his research.  The most cutting edge sciences of our day, he noted, have revealed that the golden rule has changed from “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” to “Do unto others because, in a sense, they are you.”  Our origins, our futures, and all of what makes us who we are each day – the similarities and interconnected nature of it all – far outweighs that which seems to separate us.

Bohm and Dossey were expressing what we at A Wider Circle take to heart every day.  If one person is in poverty, every one of us is in poverty.  If one mother does not have a bed, I do not have a bed.  If a child living two miles away from you has no food, you are starving – even if you do not feel it in a tangible way.

What you do with this realization is where you can truly change lives.  Take a little of your free time and do something that will help those who could really use some help.  Get food to children and adults who are hungry, collect and distribute furniture to those sleeping on the floor, or do whatever allows you to connect to those in need.  Or, as we have learned, to connect to yourself.

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