Help take the pain away

“Coming here took some of the pain away—the pain of living without. It feels good to have things in your house when before you had nothing. I’m truly amazed; this experience was memorable to say the least. I’ll be telling my friends and fellow veterans about A Wider Circle.”
- Donald, a recipient of basic need items from A Wider Circle

Helping individuals such as Donald is what you do when you contribute to A Wider Circle. You change the lives of people who have known so much hardship. You bring optimism and you bring hope. We will use your support to ensure that the most vulnerable in our midst do not have to feel “the pain of living without.”

The holidays have passed; please help us ensure that love and support are still present.

Thank you,

Jenna Patchen Metzger
Development Director, A Wider Circle
o: 301.608.3504

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