Guest Post – Volunteer Zachary Ray

A Wider Circle completely blew away my expectations. I was not expecting to be able to interact with so many men and women coming into the center, to meet so many compassionate and cool staff members, or to carry hundreds of pounds of couches, mattresses, and furniture. All of these things added up to an excellent week of service.

This week, I learned about A Wider Circle’s goals of ending poverty, how they do not charge fees for any items they give to people experiencing poverty, how they let families take as much as they need or as much as they want, and how the Professional Development Center gives business clothes to people looking for work and helps them with job coaching and interview training. The overall friendliness and genuine care the staff shows each volunteer, client, and staff member really instilled in me a sense of respect for the whole organization and everyone involved in it.

I am very blessed and proud to have had a chance to volunteer here and I hope to come back someday.

- Zachary Ray, a January 2018 volunteer from the University of Missouri. Zachary and his classmates spent an entire week volunteering with us at A Wider Circle.

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