Guest Post – Volunteer Nissi Kunjummen

Words cannot describe how much this experience of volunteering at A Wider Circle meant to me. Homelessness and poverty relief have always been a passion of mine, being from India, a place that is so stricken with poverty. Each time I visit India, I am overwhelmed by the unavoidable brokenness that I see. I never thought that I would one day feel just as passionate about assisting those in poverty in the United States.

A Wider Circle opened my eyes. They showed me that poverty is not simply an unfortunate occurrence but an injustice. They showed me that it was not my job to pity, but to have compassion and fight alongside families. I saw that many of the children and adults at the center were people with far better character than I have, a much better work ethic that I do, and an incredible amount of kindness and gratitude. The only difference was that they would have to fight against much harder circumstances.

A Wider Circle made me passionate about empowering those in poverty. The staff here were all constantly joyful and have such an admirable passion for the mission. Their resilience, endurance, and love for the families inspired me and caused a complete paradigm shift in how I view poverty. I am so unbelievably grateful for this experience.

- Nissi Kunjummen, a January 2018 volunteer from the University of Missouri. Nissi and her classmates spent an entire week volunteering with us at A Wider Circle.

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