Sundays are big days for beliefs. For many years now, beliefs to me always include thinking about ending poverty. I see volunteers leave after a day of service here ready to help us, many whose lights go on in their minds about what is possible.

I also meet many people here whom we are helping to obtain basic need items, and I see how much they need for us to believe we can help them rise out of poverty. Really believe – for it can seem so distant.
We do in our lives what we believe we can do – life can be that simple. I came to work today believing that what we do on this beautiful Sunday will help us move closer to helping our neighbors experience substantive change.
As all of us move in our circles and networks today, let us look for where we can help others to see and believe in the need for us to help our neighbors rise out of poverty.
The opportunities that present to us in this work each day are so many – at our centers and in our community. Our charge more than ever is to build our courage and our resolve, and help the community at large to believe that ending poverty is in our wheelhouse as a people – as individuals and communities living today in this country.
Believing is so critical to this work – to this movement to end poverty. Following that by doing whatever it takes to bring the belief to reality is where we realize the potential we all have.

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