A birthday wish

Several years ago, one of the staff here at A Wider Circle wanted to make February a month where we got 47 beds donated to us because I was turning 47 on the 20th. She thought it would be an appeal to my friends and maybe some others who follow our work. She wrote the email and we did all right that year and in subsequent years, receiving many beds or monetary donations for beds.

This year, I wanted to write, myself, because while I know I don’t have enough friends to get 53 beds, I also know, on a more serious level, that there is a tremendous amount of scientific evidence pointing to sleep as the most important factor in health and achievement. Yet, the people who need to overcome the greatest obstacles in our world – the people living in poverty each day – often have no beds for themselves or their children, or the beds they have are not nearly of a quality that you would allow for your children. I see this every day.

I turn 53 today – a youthful 53. If you, a group of friends or family members can find a way to make a donation today, that would change lives.

53 beds is not too tall of an order, I hope. And just fyi, we can buy new twin bed sets for $150, full sets for $180, and queens for $200. And these are nice beds that we get for these amounts.

I am tired of hearing people talk about the importance of sleep. I am tired of it because the people with whom I interact each day are not able to have what everyone else knows is the key to our health and wellbeing.

Thanks for considering –


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Mark Bergel, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director, A Wider Circle

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