6 bowls, 4 spoons, a couple plates, and a TV

Annie Driscoll is our Client Relations Coordinator here at A Wider Circle. Each week, she and all the team members share stories of their work. Annie works directly with individuals and families, guiding them through their appointments here and spending hours each day on the phone trying to help folks obtain their basic need items. Here is an account of one of her calls:

“My story this week is about a woman who called for furniture this past week and was telling me how she came to need furniture. She just got her housing and was starting over. It is a story we hear a lot of times when we put people on the wait list. When we got to the part of what she needed, I first asked what she already had in her place. She started her list of things she already had with, “6 bowls, 4 spoons, a couple plates, and a TV.” Of course I made sure to put down everything else she would need to make her new place a home. For some reason this list of hers has stuck with me. To have such few things that you know how many spoons you have struck a chord with me. I cannot wait for her to come and in and make her new place a nice home for her and her kids. ”

The cold weather brings so much more difficulty to our neighbors, and it sure is good that those who are on the front lines here feel as enthusiastic about serving as Annie does. In fact, in every program here, each team member truly feels the challenges our neighbors feel. They work with that urgency and care; I believe it is why the organization continues to grow and improve in service.

With our new center, there are even more ways to help so I hope December finds you reaching out in some way!

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