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A bed in which to sleep…

Last year alone, A Wider Circle received more than 12,000 requests for beds. Requests come from individuals and families transitioning out of homeless shelters, escaping domestic violence, or simply living each day in poverty.  For most, it is harder to find a good bed than it is to find food or clothing. In response to this critical need, many individuals and companies in the region have come forward to ensure every child and adult has a bed on which to sleep. Two major supporters include:

Wydler Brothers

The Wydler Brothers, a Washington, DC-based brokerage, recently pledged to donate 1,000 beds, with the help of many local partners. For every client who buys or sells a home with Wydler Brothers, the lead agent will donate a bed to the campaign.  Join the 1000 Bed Challenge!

Browns’ Beds

In 2014, local couple Don and Ann Brown donated $100,000 to launch the Browns’ Beds campaign – and then pledged another $100,000 as a match to additional donations for this effort. To date, more than 2,300 children and adults are now sleeping in beds each night thanks to the generosity of one couple, and other individuals who rose to the challenge.

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