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The Provision of Basic Need Items

There is a sentiment in our country that if people have nothing, they should be happy to get anything. We do not see it that way. We believe that if people have nothing, they have already gotten the worst in life. Now, it is time to give them the best. 

The Provision of Basic Need Items is A Wider Circle’s largest program, redistributing  beds, dressers, tables, chairs, dishes, pots, pans, and other large and small home goods from community donors to families transitioning out of shelters, escaping domestic violence, or otherwise living without their basic need items. It is the only program providing this service free-of-charge across the entire Washington, DC region. For many, we are the only resource for turning empty spaces into stable and dignified homes. The child sleeping on the floor each night and the mother struggling to provide for her family inspire us to pursue this crisis with the urgency it demands.

Individuals and families call on their own or are referred to A Wider Circle by more than 300 government or nonprofit social service agencies, large and small. After speaking to our staff and scheduling an appointment to visit our Center for Community Service, people have the opportunity to select the items they need, free of charge.


By the Numbers

A Wider Circle furnished nearly 4,500 homes in 2015.

Each year, we move over 4 million pounds of furniture.

After we receive or pick up your donated item, it takes approximately 24-48 hours for it to find a new home.

Since we were founded in 2001, A Wider Circle has furnished more than 25,000 homes.


To learn more about donating items for those we serve, please read our donation guidelines. Our Center for Community Service is open 7 days a week to receive donation drop-offs. We also provide donation pick-up services.


Taleahtra and Annie

If you are in need of any of the items listed to the left, please call us at 301-608-3504.

To join us in providing basic need items for our neighbors – whether by donating or volunteering at our center – please email or call us at 301-608-3504.

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